Light Designer – November 2018

The Sparrow

Upper School Students at Birch Wathen Lenox School

By Chris Mathews, Jake Minton, and Nathan Allen

Directed by Chris Carcione

Stage Manager – October 2018


Produced at The Wild Project

hope is a darkly comic play about women’s voices and women’s choices; addiction and abuse; healing and survival.
it is about hope.

Director – August 2018


Original play by Andrew Barnes
Produced at NY SummerFest at Hudson Guild Theatre

Cast: Alicia Whavers, Mikeala Semexant, Jesse Thiele, and Pierce Vosper Lo

Stage Manager – July 2018

If There Were A Moon

Produced by Alice Farley Dance Company

Presented at Madison Square Park

Production Stage Manager – June 2018

This is Modern Art

Produced by Blessed Unrest
Next Door at New York Theatre Workshop, New York, NY
By Idris Goodwin and Kevin Coval based on real events in Chicago 2010
Directed by Jessica Burr

Cast: J.Stephen Brantley, Andrew Gonzalez, Ashley N. Hildreth, Nancy McArthur, Shakur Tolliver, and Landon G. Woodson

Production Stage Manager – Feb/March 2018


Produced by Blessed Unrest
New Ohio Theatre, New York, NY
Transdapted by Laura Wickens from the play by Anton Chekhov Directed by Jessica Burr

Cast: Irina Abraham, Ashley N. Hildreth, Javon Q. Minter, Becca Schneider, Darrell Stokes, Taylor Valentine

Presented in the round

Production Stage Manager – January 2018

The Snow Queen

Produced by Blessed Unrest
New Ohio Theatre, New York, NY
Written by Matt Opatrny based on the story by Hans Christian Anderson Directed by Jessica Burr

Cast: Rich Brown, Todd Grace, Tatyana Kot, Zach Libresco, Nancy McArthur, Celli Pitt, Joshua Wynter

Developed in New Victory LabWorks, a residency with one of the leading presenters of family theatre in the country, starting in January 2017


Stage Manager/ Light Design – October 2017

Presented by Street Cirque

The Muse, Brooklyn, NY

Stage Manager – September 2017

Produced by Throes Theater at New Ohio Theatre
Directed by Theresa Buchheister
Written by Alexandra Zelman-Doring

Cast: Gore Abrams, Coco Conroy, Erik LaPointe, and Alexandra Zelman-Doring

Playwright – April 2017

Produced by Caps Lock Theatre at The Access Theater

Monologues about the body, custom-written for New York’s finest actresses.

Performer: Deb Radloff

Stage Manager – March 2016/2017


Created and Directed by Rob Roth CultureMart
at HERE Arts Center, New York, NY
Text by Jason Napoli Brooks and Rob Roth
Original music by Yair Evnine, Kamala Sankaram and Rob Roth

“Soundstage is an audio and visual performance poem. Using the language of cinema, the piece reflects and refracts a meditation on the muse and her remedy for loneliness. The piece projects different realities blending and dissolving in an alchemic journey where time, gender and reality transform.”

Stage Manager – March 2017

presenting a scene from The Snow Queen
Produced by Blessed Unrest
Baruch Performing Arts Center, New York, NY

Written by Matt Opatrny
based on the story by Hans Christian Anderson
Directed by Jessica Burr

Cast of 18.
Presented on seating risers and in the grid above the stage.

Stage Manager – March 2017

Produced by Hard Sparks
IRT Theater, New York, NY

Book by Melody Bates Music and Lyrics by Rebecca Hart Directed by Joan Jubett

Cast: RB Murdy, Melody Bates, Samantha Bilinkas, Connor Bond, and J. Stephen Brantley

Production Stage Manager – Feb/March 2018

Produced by Untitled Theatre Collective
FRIGID FESTIVAL at The Kraine Theater, New York, NY
Text, Direction, and Production Design by Lucca Damilano

Cast: Alexa Welch, Belinda Adam, Talia Moreta, Lorraine Tai, and Sarah Gwynne Walker


Production Stage Manager – December 2016

A Christmas Carol

Produced by Blessed Unrest
New Ohio Theatre, New York, NY 

Adapted by Matt Opatrny
from the story by Charles Dickens
Directed by Jessica Burr

Cast: J. Stephen Brantley, Claire Fort, Tatyana Kot, Becca Schneider, Nathan Richard Wagner, and Joshua Wynter

Stage Manager/ Recreate Light Design – November 2016


Produced by Blessed Unrest and Teatri ODA

Presented at Secondo Theaterfestival
in Zurich, Switzerland

The festival jury awarded Doruntine first prize.

Assistant Stage Manager – November 2016

Produced by En Garde Arts
Abrons Arts Center, New York, NY 

Written by Seth Bockley & Anne Hamburger
Directed by Seth Bockley

Cast: Holly DeMorro, Caitlin Goldie, Taylor Noble, Riley Suter, Welker White, Jake Williams, and Luke Zimmerman

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Stage Manager/ Master Electrician – September 2016


Produced by CBJ Productions and Untitled Theatre Collective 

Walkerspace, New York, NY

Written by Leslye Headland
Directed by Hannah T. Wolff

Cast:Darcy Wright, Kelsey Moore, Erika Santosuosso, Emily Ota, James Hesse, and Scott Friend

Light Design – August 2016

Created by Maddy Campbell and Matt Phillips 

The New York City Fringe Festival 2016
14th St Y, New York, NY

Cast: Laurel Anderson, Anna Cain, Maddy Campbell, Wester Cooley, Owen Moss Hayden, Matt Phillips, and Brooke Turner

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Stage Manager/ Light Designer – June 2016

Written by Antonia Lassar
Directed by AC Dumlao 

Cincinnati Fringe Festival
Cincinnati, Ohio – June 2016

FRIGID New York Festival
The Kraine Theatre
New York, NY – Feb/March 2015

Production Stage Manager – May 2016

BODY: Anatomies of Being

Produced by Blessed Unrest
New Ohio Theatre, New York, NY

Conceived and directed by Jessica Burr
Created by The Ensemble
With text by Matt Opatrny

Cast: Natalia Ivana Escobar, Catherine Gowl, Tatyana Kot,
Poppy Liu, Sevrin Anne Mason, Darrell Stokes,
Sonia Villani, Nathan Richard Wagner, Joshua Wynter

Developed through the New Ohio and IRT theatres’ Archive Residency


Projection Design Assistant – December 2016

Christmas Spectacular

Presented by the Christian Cultural Center
Brooklyn, NY 

Projection Designer: Olivia Sebesky
Programmer and Animations: Steve Channon

Assistant Stage Manager – November 2015

Produced by Live Source Theatre Group 
New Ohio Theatre – New York, NY

Written by Jaclyn Backhaus
Directed by Tyler Mercer

Cast: Katrina Day, Phoebe Dunn, Stephen Elrod, Shannon Haddock, Andrew Hamling, Kate Owens, Anthony Ritosa, and Hannah Vaughn

Assistant Stage Manager – June 2015

Produced by New York City Players
Written/Directed by Richard Maxwell 

Festival TransAmériques
Montreal, Canada – June 2015

Abrons Arts Center
New York, NY – April 2014

Cast: Tory Vazquez, Jim Fletcher, Gary Wilmes, Brian Mendes

Assistant Production Manager – Jan/Feb 2015

Produced by The Civilians
Abrons Arts Center – New York, NY 

Music and Lyrics by: Michael Friedman
Book by: Bess Wohl
Directed by: Steven Cosson

Cast:John Behlmann, Lulu Fall, Alyse Alan Louis, Luba Mason, Maria-Christina Oliveras, Steve Rosen, Marrick Smith, Jared Zirilli

Crew/ Follow Spot Operator – January 2015

Produced by Elevator Repair Service
as part of PS122’s COIL Festival
New Ohio Theatre – New York, NY 

Writer and Composer: Mike Iveson
Director: Will Davis

Cast: Anthony R. Brown, Mike Iveson Jr.,
Nicky Paraiso and Tanya Selvaratnam


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